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Local Streets
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Photos Taken in 2001

This was taken in the spring, around November.  These trees are fantastic and when they drop their purple blossoms,
the parks are covered in purple snow!

This is the corner by our apartment, next to Vicente Lopez Park, a beautiful park.  We walk next to it
on our way to our Spanish class.

Calle Callao, be careful, pedestrians DO NOT have the right of way!

Ron took these pictures, this tree had blossoms like orchids!

The trees are amazing, blooming EVERYWHERE!

This is the corner of our street, a favorite picture, many of the streets have mature trees along them, great for the hot weather and the sun is gorgeous through the dappled light.

This is the church next to Recoleta cemetary where Eva Peron is buried!  This is only 6 blocks from our house.

I've never seen trees like this before, the park is full of them!!