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Neighborhoods - A joke
on names for areas of Palermo

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  • Neighborhoods - A joke on names for areas of Palermo

A joke on Neighborhoods

From BANewComers: in the “News” area.

Thursday 06 / April / 2006 / 12.40 am 

Palermo Cualquiera

Chasing the Palermo trend, it wouldnīt surprise me if it were actually true....


Picked up off the BANewcomers list-group:

Even many locals may not be aware of this yet but the Buenos Aires legislature has recently approved a law proposed by the Buenos Aires Real Estate Commission to officially change the names of a number of neighborhoods in the Palermo area.

Villa Crespo is now Palermo Bel Air.

Chacarita (the northern part) is now Palermo New Orleans.

Almagro (the section that runs along Cordoba) is now Palermo Tel Aviv.

And the section of Palermo between Canning (Scalabrini Ortiz) and Coronel Diaz is now Palermo SoCa (South of Canning even though it is really East but they thought SoCa worked better because it suggests Los Angeles).

Coincidentally expect to pay more for property in these areas.

Editorīs note: My vote for all of the nonsense: Palermo Bollywood

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