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  • Accountant
  • From: john.wiatt, March 9, 2010

Re: I am looking for an accountant to do my USA tax return, with the expat tax exclusion, etc.

    From: Daniela Melton, March 9, 2010

Im not sure she will cover U.S. tax returns, but my accountant does an excellent job on my Argentine taxes - She is very thorough and fair- you might talk to her and see if she can help with one or the other-
Claudia Carpegna- 15 3254 5569----------tell her Daniela Melton recommended you

    From: Curt Peters, March 9, 2010

I highly recommend that you do not use an Argentine accountant to do your US taxes. After all unless they are a CPA from the US, they are not qualified to sign your taxes as a Tax Preparer. 

For anyone who needs to find a US tax accountant this late into tax season, it will be very hard.  What I recommend is that you download TurboTax Deluxe and use the software to prepare your own taxes. I checked and TurboTax Deluxe does handle the expat tax exclusion among many other things. The software is incredibly easy to use and you don’t need to know much of anything to use it.

    From: wgiantplum, March 10, 2010

I am a CPA living in BA and want to point out that Curt's advice is overall good, but there is an erroneous assertion that only US CPA's are qualified tax prepapers. 

The IRS regulations stipulate that only attorneys, CPA's, and those registered with the IRS can legally prepare on behalf of and/or represent tax filers before the IRS. 

I highly recommend reviewing the IRS tips to choose a tax preparer and avoid preparer fraud:,,id=217788,00.html


Furthermore, I would point out that if you are living abroad (and the main place of business is abroad) on the due date of your return (that is, April 15) you get an automatic 2 month extension on your filing.  To get this extension, you only have to attach a statement to your return when you file stating that you were abroad on April 15.  This should give you plenty of time to identify a tax preparer either in the US or abroad who can handle your needs.  (If you still need more time, for whatever reason, your taxes are due but you can obtain an extension by filing Form 4868.  You must still pay your estimated taxes due by April 15, but you can get another 4 months to prepare your return.)

I hope this helps.

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  • Air Quality

This is a tough one, the name Buenos Aires means "Good Air".  The city is very flat and next to a large wide (160 kilometer wide) river, the breezes are great and I think keep the air pollution pushed out to sea.  We live in a high rise and can see vistas in every direction and you almost never see "haze" or dirty air hanging over the city.  The air here is very clean in my opinion.  However, the buses, autos and 2 stroke motor scooters seem to have no enforced air emission controls in place.  Sometimes walking down a street you have to hold your breath for 1/2 a block if a bus goes by, this is a concern I have as I don't smoke and I hope I'm not getting 2 packs of smoke a day just walking around town (sometimes it feels like that).  I don't know of any published tested levels of air quality in the city.  However, because we are "near" the south pole, there are notices in the paper when the ozone level is way down, to avoid sun bathing at dangerous times.

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  • Air Travel / Cheap Tickets
    • From: John Glendenning, September 21, 2009

I am in the process of building up a business wrapped about my website and I am looking for some inbound linking to grow my page-rank. If you could link to my site I would be much appreciative.

Myself and a friend have worked hard over the past eighteen months to develop a good example of a DIY affiliate travel site here in Australia, and we have steadily built up our web traffic to a reasonable point.

To get our site to the next traffic level (and fund our next level of development), we would like to know if you would be so kind to link to our front page

    From: John B., September 2, 2009

I am in the process of building up a business wrapped about my website and I am looking for some inbound linking to grow my page-rank. If you could link to my site I would be much appreciative.

Dirt Cheap Airline Ticket


    From: Jorge Cordova, April 15, 2007

Try , they are Argentina-based and usually have very competitive airfares originating in BA.


    From: Daniela Melton, September 03, 2006  also works from here.


    From: Brendan McNulty, September 04, 2006

A very good search engine for flights is...  A friend of mine in the airline industry recommended it, and I´ve been using it for about a year now. You can even do a month-long search to see which days the cheapest fairs will be offered. You can´t buy tickets from the site though. You need to write down the codes and times and then contact the airline directly.  Cheers, Brendan


    From: Marcie Ley, April 7, 2006

The search engine I always use to find cheap flights is   You can't buy tickets online here like you can on Orbitz, Expedia, QIXO, etc, but you will almost always be able to find the rock-bottom advertised price for airfare.  But if you originate in BsAs (or anywhere outside the US) you must change the ticketing city (default is Boston since the site was developed by MIT wiz-kids).  The site gives you the ticketing info (booking codes) and an 800 number for calling the airline directly. Some airlines charge US$5-10 for booking via phone.  The 800 number won't work from outside the US so I always use Skype Out ( ) which charges about 2 cents a minute or have my mom call for me. I just give her the info and my credit card info and it has never been a problem.

Also, someone just told me that he found a cheap flight on  but I have never personally used it.

    From: Pam Fuente, April 6, 2006

I highly recommend checking out the web site, , for ANY airlines before choosing your seats.


    From: Jvanka, April 6, 2006

AA Miles: Also with AA even if you have no complete award miles for a trip depending on seasons with fewer miles and a co-payment you can book a flight. Finding this information on AA website was no easy, but is there ;-) If you use Citibank AAdvantage Credit Card there are times of the year you can book flights for about 5000 to 7000 miles lower out of your rewards. I know is hard to keep track of the rewards and programs but I have these chart print out so it gives me a good idea when to get out the most of my miles


 Phone Number


    From: Frances Perry, April 3, 2006

one of the members recommended  and it really is fantastic. 

    From: Bob Stapp, April 3, 2006

there's a website called "cheap argentina" where i have been successful at getting relatively low fares... interestingly, my itinerary usually always takes me through dallas to connect with american's non-stop from there to eze... their url is:


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  • Air Travel / Increase in Fares for Non-Residents
  • From: tango_kiwi, August 16, 2006  Our travel wholesaler has advised us this is the latest on the AR and LAN travel increases that have listed.  Here is a copy of their bulletin.

Aerolineas Argentinas

The increases advised by AR last week we are now told only applies to Argentine  Residents. Foreigners traveling to Argentina will be paying different fares to   Argentine Residents. Foreigners traveling to Argentina will also pay different  fares depending on what international carrier they arrive on. There will  therefore be two different fares for Foreigners: Those arriving on Aerolineas  Argentinas. Fare code basis DVAD / QVAD / BVAD Those arriving on any other  carrier. Fare code basis JVAD / YVAD. Fares for Foreigners have increased more  than the announced 20% by AR. In the case of the Fare code basis JVAD / YVAD the  increase is over double the current fare.  We regret the inconveniences you will  suffer due to this information.  As you can imagine we are doing all possible to  see if these  enormous increases can be reverted as travel to Argentina will   suffer.   Lan Chile have not changed their announcement of a 20% increase. P.S.: Warning.  We are still getting conflicting news from AR about  rates. For the moment the  above is the latest information we have.

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  • Air Travel / Non-Stop Service to USA
  • From: Richard, September 03, 2006

No non-stops to LA.. everything logical goes through Houston and Atlanta... an interesting alternative is COPA Airlines.... 7.5 hours to Panama, 2 hour layover, and then 7 hours more to LAX... real cheap, too...! Saludos, John Richard

P.S. That COPA flight was the one with the bomb scare at Ezeiza Airport last week, and they fly with "long range" 737-800s (2 seats on each side of the isle)... like taking a bus to the States..!! ouch...

    From: Sean, September 03, 2006

One could take a flight across the stunning andes through Santiago and then LAN

Chile to LAX  - pretty cool stuff

    From: Daniela Melton, September 03, 2006

I have never found one but a shorter route is on Varig - B.A. to Sao Paulo- L.A.- depending on the length of your layover in S.P, you can be there alot quicker. Also stock up on Brasilian spices and coffee in S.P. airport:) Varig is a partner of United for those much needed frequent flyer miles!

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  • Air-conditioning / Repair
  • From: Peter J. Macay, August 06, 2006

We had new air conditioners installed 3 years ago.  They were out of warranty and one of them wasn't functioning last January.  We called our architects who recommended this business to have it repaired. "Ingeaire"  gave us a written estimate and then completed the repair quickly and efficiently. 

Ingeaire s.r.l. Aire acondicionado central e individual Calefacción
Ventilación - Termomecánica Asesoramiento
Surrey / Bryant - Heating and Cooling Systems
Dr. José Ingenieros 1990 (B1636EPJ) - Olivos
Tel/Fax 4790-6200

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  • Airline Pass within Argentina - Save $$$ and see Argentina
  • From BANewcomers: Jvanka August 18, 2005

Visit Argentina Pass - Can be purchased only outside of Argentina

Make the most of your trip to Argentina and save time and money with the Visit Argentina Pass. Visit Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Bahia Blanca and more! With this airpass you must buy a minimum of 3 flight segments (one take-off & one landing). For passengers traveling on Aerolineas Argentinas pass prices start at $120 for 3 segments.  For passengers traveling on all other airlines, pass prices start at $180 for 3 segments.

Call your STA Travel advisor at 800-781-4040 to book your pass.

Official fares for Visit Argentina Pass

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  • Alarms
  • From: alexandratsalas, August 31, 2006

We had excellent experiences with our Prosegur alarm representative who speaks basic English. His name is Miguel Artola.  His email is   His biz tel is 4513-4350 al 58 his cel is 15 6363-2957 and his home 4431-1949  We found Miguel to be a very pattient, concerned guy who has our best interests at heart (didn't try to sell us). He has provided excellent professional follow up. 

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  • Alcoholics Anonymous / English Speaking AA Meetings
  • From: Justin Martindale, July 10, 2007

Re: Does anyone know of English speaking AA or Alanon meetings in BA that are non smoking?

There are English speaking AA meetings every weekday at 7 PM at the Methodist church on Avenida Corrientes betwn Maipú and Esmerelda (or thereabouts). There is also one on Saturdays at the Anglican Cathedral on  Avenida 25 de Mayo. There is also one in Martinez on Sunday night and also one during the day somewhere around Calle Uruguay, but you will have to ask someone at the Methodist Churdh meetings about it because I don't know exactly where.

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  • American English TV - Is there Dish Network?

There are several cable companies to choose from, they have DirectTV (those little satellite dishes that are mounted somewhere on your building or balcony).  Some apartments might have restrictions on where you can place dishes, but I see them everywhere so I don't think this is an issue.  Also,  depending on your neighborhood you have a choice of a direct cable connection.  We have something called Fibertel for our cable TV (as of June 2005 it's $59.90 pesos a month for basic cable of almost 90 stations)  We don't subscribe to any premium stations, but they have several like HBO, CineMax, Movie City, etc. 

They have 1 channel called "Sony Television" that is exclusively in English with Spanish subtitles.  They have several other stations like FOX, AXN, Waner Brothers, etc. that are almost all in English, they have other stations like Discovery, National Geographic that are served by something called SAP (Second Auditory Programming), this means that they broadcast in dubbed Spanish, but you can use your remote to change to SAP on your TV to hear the original English.  SAP is on many stations.  HOWEVER, you need to make sure the TV you buy has SAP.  Most TVs do, but if you get a real cheapie 13 inch clone, the TV may not have SAP on it.

We also use Fibertel for our cable modem internet connection ($102.73 pesos a month).  We didn't go with DSL, although that is available in most areas.  You can also use dial up connections of course if you are not a frequent internet user.

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  • American Express Travelers' Cheques
  • From: Cherie, July 20, 2010 5:01 PM

It's easy to cash American Express Travelers' Cheques if you go to their office in Retiro, and there is no charge for pesos, only if you want dollars. Be sure to take your passport.


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  • Animal Protection Groups and Societies  / Adopt a Pet / Blogs for homeless animals
  • From: Nat Colette Guillaumin on, Aug 2, 2009

Por dios, alguien quiere abandonar gatos?!?!!?!?

Por favor - encuéntreles un hogar!!! Ponga la información de los gatos en estos lugares:

    From: Peter J. Macay, June 2008

We just adopted a kitten from a great animal protection group.  They don’t receive money from the government, it is a fully private foundation.


    From: Daniela Melton, January 17, 2010

Contact  - they can help her alot with info on finding vets who will spay and neuter the cats at cost and help her organize how to go about it all. The woman within that organization who helped me alot with animals I rescued was Graciela Finoli.


    From: maryannullmann, Aug 8, 2009

Check Centro Michimiau, great kitty shelter: there's two, one in Palermo and one in Caballito


    From: cestelmo, July 7, 2007

We've all seen the Botanical Gardens with countless ferral cats. Anyone  who's been outside the city knows the streets are rife with stray  animals.

Well, i contacted this group over a year ago and something made me  think of them today. i checked the website to make sure they were still  around. they are. they rescue street dogs or dogs people cant take care  of anymore and people let them stay in their homes until they are  adopted. you can go to the website and click on "adoptions" and see the  photos etc. The site has contact info.

this is such a great idea and i want to give them my support. i wish i  could help by adopting some animals. perhaps when i get a new apt.

anway, check out the site, see what i mean, then please send it to as  many people here as you can. my guess is they arent very good at  getting the word out.


    From: Ande Wanderer, March 28, 2007

I'm doing a short film on the 'gateros' of Parque Lezama. This super cool cat ended up in  my house with her kittens and another she nursed back to health.  You can search for animals on Craigslist:

There's many more where she came from, of course. The 'gateros' go to the park everyday  with food and fresh water. They nurse sick cats and pay for them to be castrated out of  their own pockets. The problem is that 3-4 new cats are abandoned there everyday, so  they can never seem to get overpopulation problem under control. 

Also the city removed their 'casitas' that the gateros built, their only shelter. With winter coming many more cats are going to die. These are not feral cats, they are former house cats that usually get abandoned when their owners go on vacation.

    From: John Richard, January 05, 2008


It's mission statement: " ...entender en todo lo relacionado con el diagnóstico, prevención y control de las zoonosis urbanas en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, a fin de preservar el buen estado de salud de la población humana y animal de la Ciudad...".

    From: Brian: January 2007


This is no ordinary animal refuge. Most of the animals here were in bad physical or mental condition when they came here. They needed and continue to need more care and attention than most family pets. Therefore it is unlikely that they will be rehomed anywhere else.

Visit his site at: to see his animals and learn about his refuge, the site allows you to make a donation to help sponsor or feed the animals if you desire.

    From BANewComers: Jvanka August 13, 2005

Argentina Group for Animal Protection:

You can find pets for adoption and/or take your pet for veterinarian care.  People working at MAPA are volunteers and they care very much for pets.  Headquarters are located at  "Catulo Castillo" Vet Hospital: Av. San Juàn 3345 - Ciudad Autònoma de Buenos Aires - Repùblica Argentina. Tel / Fax: 054+(011)4956-2463 4956-2481

And also several branches around Argentina, check the web site for locations or call.

For AR$20 monthly you can get medical-healthcare insurance for ALL your pets.  The fee applies to the owner independently of how many pets you have.

    From: Heidi November 18, 2003

Animal Protection Societies

1.  Movimiento Argentino de proteccion Animal (MAPA)

Atienten en las 24Hs 4956-2463/81, San Juan 3345


Av.Belgrano 2694 piso 10, depto. C
Capital Federal - Tel.: 54-11-4943-1305
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Presidente: Ana Meuser
Vicepresidente: Armando Piñeiro

3. TANGO CAT LOVERS Club Charter

afiliado a The International Cat Association, TICA
Argerich 3591 4º B
(1419) Capital Federal - Tel.:54-11-4503-8945
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Presidente: Prof. Carlos López

4. ARGENTICATS Cat Club. Club Charter

Tica (The International Cat Ass.)
Avda de los Incas 5059 Te. 48576651
Presidente: Dr. Alberto Leal

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  • Apostillo / Internationally Recognized Notary
  • From: Peter J. Macay, July 2, 2006

An Apostillo is an internationally recognized notary, there are ones for every state in the USA, you need documents “apostillo’ed” for different reasons: obtaining residency, bringing in animals into the country, etc. and the documents need to be “apostillo’ed” in the state that the document originates, for example: if you were born in one state, married in another and then brining in your pets from another state.

Apostille is also a French word which means a certification. It is commonly used in English to refer to the legalization of a document for international use under the terms of the 1961 Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. Documents which have been notarized by a notary public, and certain other documents, and then certified with a conformant apostille are accepted for legal use in all the nations that have signed the Hague Convention.

In countries which are not signatories to the 1961 convention and do not recognize the apostille, a foreign public document must be legalized by a consular officer of the country from which the document is issued.

For California

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  • Appliances - Should I bring them with me when I move to Argentina?
  • From BANewComers Diego Basch April 12, 2005

Rule of thumb: bring small electronic appliances (100 watts or less, requiring cheap transformers) and leave the big ones behind, especially refrigerators, washers and microwave ovens. It's not just the voltage that's different (220v vs. 110v) but also the frequency (50hz vs 60hz). Large appliances with electric motors would not work properly, even with a (large and expensive) transformer.

The TV is questionable, it is possible to convert it  to PAL-N and change the power supply but IMHO it's not worth bringing it (especially if you factor in the shipping costs). Most TVs sold here support both PAL-N and NTSC (for imported gaming consoles, cameras, DVD players, etc).

Take a look at this for more detailed information:

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  • Architects - Renovating, remodeling an apartment

We purchased an apartment that needed major remodeling.  We interviewed 6 architects before making our decision. It was an extensive remodel as we moved walls, bathrooms, replaced water pipes, electrical, windows, etc. Our architects are Ricardo Torandell and Alberto Bozzi.  EMail: Phone: Alberto 15 4478 9152  -  Ricardo 15 4539


Even if you don’t want something so drastic, you can still call them to see what kind of services you require and what they can help with.

I recommend them highly. They gave multiple suggestions on different stores to visit to choose materials. We ended up choosing "Mi Cocina" in San Isidro as the store to design and build our kitchen cabinets. Alberto and Ricardo had plenty of suggestions on ways to make the kitchen and bathrooms more useful, functional and enjoyable, including lighting, plumbing, cabinet depth and height and colors for the kitchen. They also gave us a set price for their services, some architects would base their commission (10-15%) on the final cost of the project which doesn't make a lot of sense to us. Why should they get a higher commission if I use granite over ceramic tile? The mason has to do the same amount of work. Alberto and Ricardo gave us a set price for their services and stuck to it. Architects here act as general contractors, they hire all the workers, coordinated removal of debris, deliveries and bargained with the stores for discounts on EVERYTHING we purchased. We feel they paid their commission in the amount of money they saved us.  We paid them 25% of their commission before work began, then 25% at each quarter of the expected completion date, the last payment was 15% and the last 10% was held until all detail follow up work was completed.

No matter who you use, one way to get results is you don't pay them till the work is completed. With our remodel I was thinking about putting a clause in the contract to penalize them for going over the expected termination date, however, we thought about it and figured that since the remodel was so extensive, we'd rather have a job well done, then one rushed to fulfill a projected date.

You have to pay the workers weekly, our architects would send as an Excel spreadsheet every week with what we had to pay the workers that week.  With Alberto and Ricardo

(Click here) to see examples of our apartment remodel here.

    From: Rick Jones, July 4, 2007

I will second what Pete says about Alberto Bozzi and Ricardo Torandel.  They did a six-month renovation on an apartment my wife and I bought in an early-20th century French-style building. They were great to work with...the cost was extremely reasonable...and their work invariably causes peoples' jaws to drop when they walk in and see the place. And they are the only architects I know of who charge a fixed fee instead of a percentage of what you spend, which makes all the difference in the world.

These guys are great, and I know for a fact there are other American property owners in town who are very happy with their work. 

Drop a line if you have any questions.

    From: steve glass, July 4, 2007

We used these architects at Peter's recommendation and found them timely, honest, and they performed the work well. I have built and renovated several houses and buildings in the US and this experience was far better. I am presently overseeing a job for a friend that they are doing and all is proceeding well. Let me know if you have any questions. 

    From: Peter J. Macay, March 21, 2010

I have a friend who helps people buy property in Buenos Aires, then renovates the property and manages it if they need someone to pay the expenses, cleaning, etc.


    From: Daniela Buira, July 4, 2007

Architect Fabián Elías, cell phone number: 15-5331-0000. He has done an  excelent work of renovation in my apartment. He also act as general  contractor and do everything, design, hiring everyone, coordinating  everything. I have recommended him to many people and all of them were  completely satisfied with his work and with his fees. The only problem: He  only speaks Spanish.

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  • Arrival - Departures / Getting transportation to and from your hotel

In the airport when you arrive, after you get your passport stamped and checked, you'll enter into the luggage claim area.  There is a currency exchange booth where you can exchange some money, I haven't checked to see if the exchange rate is good, so only exchange $50 - $100 USA, enough to get you into town where you can find ATM machines that will give you better rates.

As you exit the customs area where they Xray your luggage and into the terminal there will be people in booths asking you if you need a ride to your hotel.   One booth is for “Manuel Tienda Leon” which is one of the largest taxi services, but I don’t like using them from the airport because they put you in a minivan where you then transfer to a smaller van downtown, a 2 step process shuffling your bags. 

I continue on past these booths and you’ll then come into an open area where people will be waiting to greet their arriving relatives, loved ones, etc.  Further in the back of this open arrival area you should see a booth that says “EZE TAXI”.  The cost is currently 88 pesos (as of June 2008), not 88 USA $$$, however, this seems to go up every time we return.  This is why you need to exchange some dollars for pesos in the baggage claim area.  I’m not sure if they accept all currencies at the booth, we pay in pesos.  If you call the same company, they give you a discount to return to the airport, currently it is 60 pesos.  Taxi Ezeiza 5480-0066, email:

As you approach this booth you may be approached by people asking you if you need “cambio” or change for your money into pesos, obviously, avoid them.  Also, if someone approaches you asking if you want a taxi, politely avoid them, go directly to the counter of the place that says EZE TAXI

The trip into the downtown Buenos Aires area is 30 to 40 minutes so make sure you hit the bathroom first if you need to!  ;o)

    From: Fred, August 18, 2009

When are you going into the airport? I can take you for a big discount with my Lincoln Town Car, only if I am going in empty for a pickup anyway (I don't want to go in empty) Also, the public bus does go in very cheaply...Please contact me, my info is on my site  Thanks Fred




    From: Kate, August 17, 2009

There's also a great minibus shuttle service for £12 pesos one-way operating only on week days from Monday to Friday, 8:30am until 6:30pm every 30 minutes.


    From the BANewComers List: March 5, 2005

Re: Transportation for a family of 5 and lots of luggage (and 1 dog)

We arranged an airport pick-up with a Trafic-Renault van for a family of 5 (actually 8 people fit in these vans), with luggage  from Ezeiza to Colegiales, for $130 pesos last Saturday, with the company Manuel Tienda León.


You have to do that AT LEAST 24hs before your arrival, because they might not have the van available. You have to secure your reservation with your credit card.  They are perfect, never had a complaint in the last 4 years. It would be cheaper to take 2 cars (with chauffeur) at $55 pesos each, but then you would have to split the family.  You can make the reservation on line.

  • This is what We use when in BA, they have good prices in rental for small cars and vans.  You can arrange to have your car/van waiting in Ezeiza. Good Luck .

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  • Art Classes
  • From: gil joanne, December 03, 2007

You can contact Noeliana at her email,  She has a studio on Ave Maipu, sculpture, drawing, painting, etc, she also teaches classes at a university, she is a lovely person and fluent in both Spanish and English.

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  • Art Purchasing / Galleries
  • From: bakerlibros, December 06, 2007

For those interested in Arts, painting, etc here goes a link to check out

    From: Rick Jones, September 03, 2006

I am partial to a Buenos Aires (modern) artist named Marcia Schvartz, whose series of works shown here...

...were on exhibit at a tango hall a few years ago.

In an attempt to buy one of those pieces, I came across Agalma.Arte...

...a gallery in Recoleta that seemed to have a nice selection of Argentine modern art, and certainly connections to a variety of modern artists.  You might consider dropping by there some day as a start point.  - Rick Jones

    From: carnivaljane, September 04, 2006

You might want to go to some gallery openings. This place lists most of them:

When you find a gallery owner who shows work to your taste, ask them for suggestions. much of the contemporary stuff is often more"happening" oriented and ephemeral. and i haven't seen alot that really knocks my socks off to be honest. alot of things are derivative of european and north american art of 10 years ago. but there are artists with fine craftsmanship making paintings/sculpture/photos. and a few collectives are doing some interesting things.

I know a painter whose work is a cross between Andres Serrano & Hieronymous Bosch: marcelo bordese and a photographer who paints with light--he shoots people in the dark and illuminates them during a slow exposure. A pop caravaggio: Arturo Aguiar

And there is a young dynamic gallery owner in San Telmo who knows quite a few younger artists, i can't find her contact info at the moment but if you are interested let me know and i'll look her up. And contact me if you want to get contact info for marcelo or arturo.

but i'd start with gallery openings and talking to people there as well as the gallery owners.

    From: Kaisha Johnson, September 06, 2006

Obviously, art is a subjective thing but I am a big advocate of the work of Buenos Aires artista plastica, Maria Alvarez. As the style of her paintings varies, I would suggest checking out her altelier in San Telmo. Her workshop is located in the Galeria del Viejo Hotel at Balcarce 1053 (entre Calvo y Humberto 1) on the ground floor. This building also houses two floors of local modern artists working in various mediums.  Maria Alvarez's work can also be seen at the weekly Sunday "Feria de Artes" in San Telmo from 12pm to 6pm located on Defensa and Bolivar. If anyone decides to visit, please tell her that I sent you.

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  • Art / Taking it out of the Country
  • From: Michael Calero, November 18, 2008

I had bought a inexpensive painting and ask what was required of me to take it out of the country. Here are the steps which are required by the Minister of Culture in obtaining a license (permit) to remove art from Argentina regardless of values as long as it is classifed as art under Law # 24.633

First: Go to the following website which is in Spanish , download the required forms.... 

Second: Go to Alsina 1169, cross street Lima, the office is one flight up to the left of the elevator. There is a lady there very cooperative who will help you fill out the forms if needed, take two color photos of each piece and a copy of your passport with you. Once she arranges organizes the packet, she will place it in a envelope and instruct you to take it to Av Alvear 1690 , once floor below street level, between the hours of 1000 and 1600 hours, take your flight information with you . At that location, they will take your packet of forms, and instruct you to call one day later in which time they will give you a number. With that number one has to then call it in to the lady at Alsina location make sure you get her telephone number for this.

The following business day the person who submitted the paperwork and taking the items out of the country can go and pickup the license so they can present it at EZE to custom just right of the Airlines check in. If any other person goes to pick up the license then they have to have a letter signed by the submitting person authorizing the pick up of the license.

Not a hard process but a back and forth type of thing. Yes, you might try to pack it in your luggage but, if they find it without a license well, they can remove it and it's your loss.

I didn't want to take the chance so I went through the process better safe than sorry.

Hope that will help others in the same situation. My advise is start this process at least four or five business days before taking a flight out.

    From: Roberto Dario Frassinetti, December 04, 2007

If its art and antiques, I can help, as there are rules and regulations export permits and what knots.... well to make a long story short a permission form the Cultural department as well as a valuation form the Banco Cuidad and present all this some 2 weeks before departure at the airport ….Chat any time, Bob Frassinetti

    From:  Peter J. Macay, June 6, 2006

I had a "situation" with a piece of framed art work I wanted to take out of Argentina, it was wrapped in brown paper and bubble wrap. The ticketing agent asked what it was and I said it was a framed poster, I have heard that even contemporary art painted yesterday is considered a piece of national heritage and you can have problems getting it through customs. The ticketing agent said customs could pull it off the conveyor belt and hold it for inspection and verification, meaning it would not get on the same flight with me. She said I could try and take it up to the gangway, but it is at the discretion of the flight crew if they will allow me on board with it, she said if they won't allow it, I'd probably miss the flight because of backtracking to customs. I asked here what I should do, and she said I had to have customs sign off on it. As you face the large exit area in the new terminal, where all the people are coming out and meeting loved ones, the customs window is at the right in the back, it's just a little window and usually only has one person in attendance. The custom's agent asked what it was, I said it was something I bought at the San Telmo / Plaza Dorrego antique fair and he just rolled his eyes and signed the outside of the package. He said next time, have the ticketing agent call him so I wouldn't have to come down to see him. Nice guy!

No problems getting it into the USA

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  • ATM Withdrawal Limits
  • From: goconnell347, September 04, 2006

Re: Does anyone know why a Bank of America ATM card will get me 3 withdrawals at an argentine ATM of $ 500 (pesos) and not one transaction of $ 1500 (pesos) ??

I think it has to do with the credit card company (Visa or Mastercard). our JP Morgan card(was a Mastercard Debit Card) would let us take out our daily limit in one transaction until we were issued new cards that are now Visa and we can take out our daily limit but in $500 peso increments....

From: tom frost, September 04, 2006

I had this same problem until I used banks with the LINK ATM.  I can now take out up to 2100 pesos daily.  The LINK sign is green, yellow and round and generally quite large so you can see it from down the street.
Banco de la Ciudad, Banco de la Provincia are two that have LINK but there are many others.

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  • Automobile / Importing
  • From: Lovisolo Angela, December 16, 2007

Re: Has anyone ever imported a car to Argentina or does anyone know anything about the process? If so, how did you go about doing it? What kind of taxes did you have to pay?

Why bother it is so difficult.  Bottomline is anything sold in the US is 3x the price here and you will have to pay 21% to the government to import the car.  21% not on what it is valued in the states but what is valued here.  Meaning a car that you paid 30k for in the states in most cases is a 100k here and then you would have to pay 21k to import it.

If you need a car it is best to buy one here because the models we have in Argentina are different than the US.  If you bring a US model here they need to import the part to fix it or sometimes say they can't because they have never seen nor worked on that model before.

I understand what you want but sometimes things like that are not worth the aggravation here.

Thanks,  Angela Lovisolo-Rodebaugh

    From: chegringo57, December 17, 2007

Actually, if you are Argentine, or have married an Argentine, an Argentine can get a waiver for all duties on the car, as well as imports, if you are moving from one country to here. Contact your local embassy.  It'll still be a pain in the butt to pay a shipper to get it here, as well as getting it through customs (see my previous post on finding a pregnant Argentine to help with that); as well as mentioned in the previous post the parts issue.  However, it is cheaper IF you have the waiver to bring it in. If you aren't married, better marry an Argentine to get the waiver.

    From: mareninba, December 18, 2007

Hi there - we actually just moved here from the US - my husband is Argentinean and we qualified on all the import waivers...But they have changed the laws on cars, you can't get the duty waived anymore, so when we did the math it basically costs just as much to buy a NEW car here as it would to import a USED car. Note that you also have to own the car for 2 years in the US before you can even import it. So you are paying shipping, paperwork plus very high duties on a used car. Definitely not worth it - we were better off selling our car in the US and putting that money towards transport here....

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  • Automobile License Plate Lookup - Before buying a car you can check for tickets
  • From: Julio Cesar Losua, December 8, 2009

Re: Somebody posted a link to a government website that you can enter the licence plate & it would tell you if there is any parking tickets, speeding tickets etc on the vehicle

I guess this is what you are looking for 

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  • Automobile Purchase / Used Cars
  • From: Alexandra Berene, December 05, 2007

Re: I am planning to buy a (second- hand) car here.

Contact  and ask for Hugo, he sold me my Peugeot and they are an ISO9002 certified company. Very reliable company.

    From: Sean, December 06, 2007

You may want to double cheek new vs. use cost, especially if you can lean on the dealer for issues on new cars.

For example, our 2005 Renault Kangoo cost 45k pesos , but now has 60k kilometers and is worth about 43k pesos. LOL

    From: Diana, December 06, 2007

Go to Dietrich in Honduras and Julian Alvarez, Palermo. The best.

    From: Roberto Dario Frassinetti, December 06, 2007

If you are planning to buy a (second- hand) car here in on and welcome to the fascinating world of red tape in the south of South America!

1. Documentación que debe tener el comprador
Rules and Regulatioms for BUYING a USED car here in Argentina
• Título del automotor - Original
• Cédula de identificación (cédula verde) - Original
• ID CARD of the CAR. Its GREEN
• Patentes
• Impuesto de emergencia - comprobante de pago: sólo para vehículos del año 80 al 89 inclusive.
• EMERGENCIY TAX invoice ONLY For CARS from the 1980 to 1989
• Informe de Dominio otorgado por el Registro Nacional de la Propiedad del Automotor
• DOMINIUM information by the RNPA
• Formulario 08 firmado por el vendedor y cónyuge, con firmas certificadas
• Form called 08 signed by the seller + wife, with signatures certified.
• Formulario 381: Emitido por la DGI para vehículos cuyo valor de facturación en origen fue superior a U$S 25.000.
• Form Number 381 given by the DGI for vehicles who's value from origin was over US $25,000.-
• Libre Deuda de Multas: En Capital Federal se solicita en la calle Carlos Pellegrini 211
• Certifaicate that you the car owes NO DEPT for Fines: In the City of BA you go to the offices in Carlos Pellegrini 211
• Libre Deuda de Patentes: este informe debe ser solicitado ante la oficina Rentas, según lugar de radicación del vehículo.
• Certificate that the car oewso no Taxes you get this certificate from RENTAS
• Dirección General de Rentas GCBA, Viamonte 900 Consultas:
• For RENTAASS in the City of BA its Viamonte 900 or check web site:

Rentas Provincia de Buenos Aires, Diagonal Norte 812 Capital Federal
For the Province of BA its the above address…………..
• Formulario 12 Verificación policial (para los modelos 1981 en adelante)
• FORM 12 Done by the POLICE for cars from 1981 onwards
• Impuesto docente ley 25.053. Automotores que al 31/18/1998 su valor sea mayor a $ 4.000 y comprende inscriptos entre el 01/01/1979 y el 31/12/1999. (comprobante de pago en caso que corresponda)
• TAX Certificate Law number 25.053 for cars that on the 31 of December of 1998 was valued over $4000 (pesos) and that where inscribed in the period of 1/1/1979 to 31/12/1999
• Oblea colocada de la Verificación técnica vehicular: sólo para vehículos radicados en la provincia de Buenos Aires con más de dos años de antigüedad desde la fecha en la inscripción inicial.
• STICKER placed by the Verification Technical Department but only for cars with the Province of BA as there inscription, and being over 2 years.
Infromation from this web sire and others; : 

Best wishes and best of luck, Bob Frassinetti.

    From: Alexandra Berene, December 07, 2007

Go to lemeridien Peugeot  as they took care of all this for me.

    From: John Richard, December 08, 2007

That's right, Alexandra, any car dealer will gladly do the paperwork.  If not buying from a dealer, there are "gestores" that do the paperwork for a fee.

Once you have the keys to your wheels in BA, you know the title was transferred from the legal owner, there are no outstanding fines registered to the vehicle, no license fees or back taxes are owed, and the technical inspection is up-to-date.

Calling those benefits a "world of red tape" doesn't fit.  "Tranquilidad" is the way to describe it.

Are there resources that could help me buy and drive a car in Argentina? - Dan Berger, Richmond, Calif.

According to the State Department's Consular Information Sheet, found online at, United States driver's licenses are valid in the city and province of Buenos Aires, but Argentine or international licenses are required elsewhere.

In the United States, the AAA is authorized to handle international driver's licenses, and an application can be found at ; click on Travel, then Travel Services to find Information for International Travel. For South and Central America, you get an Inter-American Driver's Permit.

As far as buying and selling a car, Luciana Bieler, the spokeswoman for the National Secretary of Tourism, said in an e-mail message that foreigners must present to car dealers a passport, proof of address and credit card to buy a vehicle. You will also need to insure it (minimum coverage runs about 120 to 180 pesos a month - $40 to $60, at 3.1 pesos to the dollar), which can done through the Argentine Automobile Club. You will not be able to take it out of the country, Ms. Bieler said.

The automobile club says the address requirement is met by declaring a legal domicile in Argentina before a notary public. It recommends registering with the Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos - the equivalent of the Internal Revenue Service and popularly called AFIP - because there will be a commercial transaction.

It is probably a good idea to join the automobile club, which is a solid institution with a wide network of mechanics, hotels and gas stations (with discounts on gas). The club is at Avenida Libertador 1850, 1112 Capital Federal, Buenos Aires; (54-11) 4802-6061; .

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  • Automobile / Traveling outside Argentina in your new car
  • From: highlandtango, May 3, 2007

My own expirence is very different to what you have described. I have temporary residency and a new car of six months. I have been across the border a number of times without any problems. You need ownership proof ( notary or copy of title ) and an International Car insurance policy.

    From: romy.natalia, December 07, 2007

Some potential difficulties of leaving Argentina in your new car. If you have temporary residency and plan on staying within the borders this won´t apply but it is good to know.

Unfortunately there IS a catch 22 if you buy a car in Argentina.

I called the ACA (Automovil Club Argentino), the Argentine version of AAA and spoke with someone at the International Documents section. In order to leave the country with a car purchased in Argentina you need to be a permanent resident of Argentina with all the documents proving so. Unfortunately there is no way around it, at least according to the woman I spoke with. Even if you had the car registered to an Argentine resident (an option for those with relatives here) you need to present the title proving YOU own the car at border crossings.

I also asked about entering and leaving the country with a foreign bought car (ie: purchased in Paraguay). In order to do so you need to get a tourist visa for the car itself, allowing it to remain in Argentina for a short period of time (90 days, I think). I supposed you could exit and re-enter the country via periodic trips to Uruguay.  For more information about this option I was advised to call Aduana.

In happier news I discovered that there is reciprocity between ACA and AAA so an AAA member can, in theory, have access to all the ACA member benefits (check the site for more details:

For anyone who wants to follow up on this here are some links and phone numbers:

Direct line: 4808 4047 (call before 4:30pm)

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