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  • Facials / Facialist / Beauty Care
  • From BANewComers: Jesse Hahn August 18, 2005

Laura is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!  her number is 4433-2575

      From: Daniela Melton, August 16, 2006

Give Maria Victoria a call- 4816-6938.  The receptionist dosnt speak English but MV does. The address is Arenales 1942   3"A"  in Barrio Norte.

    From BANewcomers: Diana Glass July 24, 2005

I will give you a fantastic source for incredible facials and aromatheraphy.  One of our BAN group members, Laura Spradling Asiado, is skilled, well trained and efficient with skin care treatments.  I am one of her regular customers for facials.  She is also a beauty consultant  and if you need help in a hair salon to avoid experiencing bad color jobs, she is available to do so.  Her email is and her phone numbers are 4792-3541 and 5386-9026.  She is also tri-lingual which is also good for guests and her prices are very, very reasonable.  Plus, she is a very caring woman which comes across in her work.

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  • Fairs in Buenos Aires and the rest of the country
  • From: Ms veronica srucelj, December 21, 2007

i would recommend you to go to Plaza Cortazar, in Palermo´s neighborhood. Not right there at the plaza but in some bars, there are lots of designers who sell their stuff (clothes, etc, etc)

    From: DIANA METCALFE January 20, 2006

Want to know all about fairs in Buenos Aires and the rest of the country!!!  Go to this link.


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  • Farmer Markets / Local Produce
  • From: Veronica Salvetti, January 02, 2008



    From: Veronica Salvetti, January 02, 2008

Mercado San Telmo: Estados Unidos, Defensa, Carlos Calvo y Bolívar. Lunes a viernes de 8.30 a 13.30 y de 16.30 a 20.30. Fines de semana, de 10 a 14.

Feria Modelo Belgrano: Ciudad de la Paz y Juramento. Lunes a viernes, de 8 a 13 y de 17 a 20.30; sábados de 8 a 13.

Mercado Boliviano: Liniers neighbourhood all accross Jose Leon Suarez street you can get different products from the andes and Bolivia, all types of potatoes and peppers, as well as numerous types of grain and flours, coldcuts, etc. Very good prices. 

Some of the following ones may no be there anymore, but I have been to a few lately: ( you can find meats, poultry,veggies,fruit, cheese, etc)

ALMAGROViernesOsvaldo Cruz e/ Goncalvez Díaz y San AntonioSábadoSarmiento y Bulnes

BARRACASMiércolesCalifornia y LuzuriagaJuevesFinocchieto, e/ Velez Sarfield y LuzuriagaViernesHerrera y Benito Quinquela MartínViernesItuzaingó e/Bolivar y PerúSabadoAzara, e/ Brandsen y Pinzón

BELGRANOMiércolesJuramento y CondeJuevesO´Higgins y Manuel UgarteDomingoArtilleros entre La Pampa y SucreDomingoO´Higgins y Manuel Ugarte

BOEDOMiercolesConstitución y Quintino Bocayuva

CABALLITOMartesCangallo e/ Ramos Mejía y Patricias ArgentinasMiércolesJosé F. Seguí y Neuquen (Plaza Irlanda)JuevesColpayo y Felipe ValleseSábadoHidalgo y BacacayDomingoCangallo e/ Ramos Mejía y Patricias Argentinas

CHACARITAJuevesTeodoro García y Fraga

COLEGIALESSábadoCramer e/ Federico Lacroze y OllerosSábadoMoldes e/Aguilar y Zabala

FLORESMartesAv. Gaona y Gavilán

FLORES SURMartesLa Fuente y Francisco BilbaoSábadoSan Pedrito y Crisóstomo Alvare

zFLORESTAMiércolesAv. Avellaneda, e/ Bahía Blanca y MercedesJuevesChivilcoy y A. M. Cervantes

LA BOCAMartesNecochea e/ Pi y Margall y GualeguayViernesNecochea e/ Pi y Margall y GualeguaySábadoGaboto y Arzobispo Espinosa

MATADEROSMartesBasualdo e/ Manuel Artigas y Juan B. AlberdiMiercolesTimoteo Gordillo e/ Tapalque y BragadoViernesRemedios, e/ Pola y FonrougeViernesFragata La Argentina y Ercilla

MONSERRATSábadoBalcarce e/ México y Chile

NUÑEZSábadoCuba y Arias

PALERMOMiercolesCosta Rica y MedranoSábadoMalabia y Nicaragua

PARQUE CHACABUCOMartesZañartú e/Doblas y SenillosaViernesVictor Martínez y Av. AsambleaDomingoVictor Martínez y Av. Asamblea

PARQUE PATRICIOSMartesBrasil y PichinchaMiércolesAlmafuerte, e/ Uspallata y Pedro Chutro

PATERNALJuevesEspinosa y Donato Alvare

zPOMPEYAMiércolesA. De Vedia e/Condor y TabaréJuevesCorrales e/Avda. La Plata y FournierJuevesDel Barco Centenera y Riestra

SAAVEDRAMiércolesPlaza e/ Ruiz Huidobro y BesaresJuevesGarcía del Río e/Freire y CondeViernesMachain y Crisólogo LarraldeDomingoGarcía Del Río e/Freire y Conde

SAN CRISTOBALViernesCochabamba, e/ La Rioja y Gral. Urquiza

SAN TELMOMartesCochabamba, e/ Bolivar y Perú

VILLA CRESPOMartesAntezana y OlayaViernesHumboldt e/ Camargo y Padilla

VILLA DEL PARQUEMartesCampana y BaigorriaMartesAv. San Martín y CondarcoSábadoAv. Gaona y Gavilán

VILLA DEVOTOMartesParejas y ChivilcoyViernesSalvador M. Del Carril y Lastra

VILLA LUGANOMiércolesLa Roza, e/ Fonrouge, Pola y Eva PerónMiércolesSoldado de la Frontera y Combate de San Carlos

VILLA LUROJuevesAv. Rivadavia, e/ Corvalan y AlbariñosSábadoCafayate y Ana Día

zVILLA PUEYRREDONJuevesLarsen, e/ Zamudio y Gral. ArtigasViernesHelguera e/ Parejas y Chivilcoy

VILLA URQUIZADomingoNahuel Huapi y Capdevila (Plaza Echeverría)

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  • Favourite Street in Buenos Aires
  • From: pataninba, July 6, 2007

i was wondering if anybody has a favourite street (or section of one,  or pasaje, or avenue, whatever) in the city and the reasons for liking  it. in my case, i love the block of gorostiaga, in belgrano, between  cabildo and ciudad de la paz: it's a short, very residential block that  contrasts enormously w/ the "quilombo" of cabildo, and it's pure old  world charm, full of quaint and character-loaded old townhouses. of course, there are others as well, but i wanted to hear different  opinions.

    From: Rick Jones, July 6, 2007

There are about a million streets in Buenos Aires that I really like, each for its own reasons.  However, the block of Gurruchaga between Guatemala and Paraguay (in Palermo) has a special place in my personal street lineup. 

The very first day my wife and I were in Buenos Aires some years ago we stumbled upon what became our favorite parrilla, Don Julio's, on the corner of Gurruchaga and Guatemala.  And then I found that the adjoining block of Gurruchaga (up to Paraguay) is part of what Borges called "the hidden heart of Buenos Aires" in one of his poems.  It has a couple of nice houses on it, including a beautiful pink house that graces the home page of our web site.  

That block probably wouldn't mean much to anyone else, but I always enjoy walking up it, and when I'm in the area I usually make a special point of walking up it or down it to get where I'm going.

    From: Pericles E., July 6, 2007

The most beautiful part of Guatemala Street is  between Araoz and Julian Alvarez. The trees are 7 stories high lapping beautiful old italianite mansions .  This block has a old tram track which adds to its charm and the location close to the Church of Guadelope make it the best secret in Buenos Aires

    From: Tom Frost, July 6, 2007

Malasia between Maure and Gorostiaga in Belgrano.  It is only one block long, very narrow with gorgeous architecture on both sides.  It is an extension of Arribenos.

    From: p_beith, July 6, 2007

I love Avenida de Mayo, as it is a more or less intact  old world showcase.

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  • FBI Identification Report Request
  • From: Sean, July 1, 2006

Re: Since i am still in California, I just go to my local police station for fingerprints and a certication of no criminal record?

Yes, going to your local SHERIFF’s office in California  is an option as opossed to waiting up to maybe 6 weeks from date of request for an FBI report. But CALL your Sheriffs office in advance and get the skinny on time frames and procedure – which may differ from one Sheriff to another.

Here is everything you need to know about getting an apostille in California: 


    From the BANewComers list:

Most US government agencies these days have virtually every form available for download, or have a setup for requesting them online.  There is a form that says it can be used for "letter of good conduct" for residency & employment in foreign countries, which may be the correct one, on the FBI website. The URL is:


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  • Federal Express Locations


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  • Feminino / Masculino - List of Irregular Genders
  • From: pdrcrnj, August 25, 2006

Dear Ginger, as a native Spanish speaker you really got me on this one. I had not really thought about it. So I asked my mother and father and they had no way of explaining it either, they say it just comes naturally. Anyway I looked it up and hopefully this should help you. Regards Pedro

Palabras de origen no-latino, de género masculino A continuación presento una serie de palabras, en su mayoría derivadas del griego, que no siguen las reglas morfológicas del español. También presento otras palabras que pueden presentar dificultad al momento de indicar su género.

En esta sección encontrará algunos ejemplos de estas palabras. Por lo regular se trata de palabras cultas que pasaron al español directamente de otros idiomas. Todas éstas deben ser precedidas con el artículo el o un.

Recuerde que muchas de las palabras que presentan estos problemas terminan en -ma, -pa y -ta. Por lo tanto, tenga cuidado al utilizar una palabra que termine así. No obstante, no todas las palabras que

terminan en -ma, -pa, -ta son masculinas. En español existen "autoestima", "rata" y palabras similares, pero son femeninas. Si tiene dudas sobre una palabra específica, consulte un diccionario.


Algunas palabras acaban en -ta, pero el uso del artículo masculino o femenino es el que determina el género de la palabra. Por lo general, se trata de palabras que aluden a una profesión, oficio o pasatiempo. Por ejemplo: el tenista o la tenista. Otras palabras

similares son:

Palabras de origen latino

Existen otras de origen latino que llevan artículo masculino. Quizá la más común sea día. El caso opuesto es el de mano, del latín 'manus'. En latín esta palabra era de género femenino. Al pasar al español la terminación 'us' se convirtió en 'o', pero se mantuvo el género original de la palabra. Para resumir, se dice el día y la mano.

    From: Alfredo, August 26, 2006

Pedro is to be commended for a good job at explaining the use of articles in Spanish.  Another problem that confuses the issue is that in some Spanish speaking countries different articles are used: for instance in Argentina we say "la radio" in Central america and other countries they say "el radio". In Spain, the computer is ''el ordenador", in Argentina is "la computadora"...  I would say don't worry too much about it: Just like me, after 40 yr in USA, everybody knows I'm a foreigner by the way I speak or write,  haha! (o jaja!). You'll never master a second language unless you learned it at a young age.  Correct yourself as you go...

    From: The Komposer Team, August 27, 2006

This is nice:

La sal, La leche (fem)

in italian is

Il Sale, Il latte (masc)

another el agua (the water) but for sure a big discussion has been always what of these

is tecnically accurated: La travesti, or El Travesti.

    From: Justin Martindale, August 27, 2006

agua in singular takes the article el and un, but it is feminine and in plural it would be las aguas or agua fresca. The same with ama, alma and many other nouns like them.

    From: Alfredo, August 27, 2006

What is correct: un ama de llaves (maid approximately) or una ama de llaves? I think it's the second one.

Regarding travesti, if it's  a biological woman she's una travesti y el travesti otherwise.

I guess the problem you guys/gals have with the Spanish "article" reminds me of the problem we, not-native-English-speaking people have with prepositions: in or on, at or in, etc. etc. I never get it right!!

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  • Feria de los Mataderos - A local fair with gaucho flair!
  • From: CarnivalJane, December 15, 2006

La Feria queda en Av de los Corrales y Av Lisandro de la Torre. Más información: 


    From: Carla Horton January 29, 2006

It has a low season (summer on Saturdays) and a high season (from April to December on Sundays).

    From: jane hallisey January 21, 2006

In the summer the feria de mataderos is saturday nights:

A fair for locals, really wonderful.  This spring we went on a late Sunday afternoon to watch the corrida de sortija: riders on horseback riding at top speed to poke a stick through a ring the size of ring you'd wear on your finger. I hear they run the corrida Saturday nights too.  The folkloric music and dance on a stage in the square is interesting, there are some good homey parillas but the rest is endless stands selling tchatkes. Worth a visit to see the horse races. They offer pony rides to little kids and I saw quite a few ecstatic children.

    From: Cherie January 20, 2006

This fair in Mataderos is my favorite activity in all Buenos Aires! I go almost every Sunday. During the summer it´s closed and I´m not sure when it will reopen, but definitely go!  It´s free, with live music and dance--tango as well as folkdance, lots of horses and gauchos, many interesting booths of artesenias and food, and wonderful parrillas where you can sit and watch the gauchos on horseback playing traditional games while you eat.

    From: Richard Shpuntoff January 20, 2006

This is the kind of fair you go to to be reminded that there is a whole other Argentina outside of Buenos Aires.  A friend of mine who is a folk musician played there recently and when she started to sing a chacarera, a quarter of the audience whipped out their handkerchiefs and started dancing.

    From: Josef Mass January 19, 2006

It is on during the weekends, sunday in particular, and it is only about 30 mins from downtown on a bus. Just get any bus going towards avenida del trabajo, Liniers or Mataderos.

Also worth a look is the cattle market (mercado de hacienda de liniers) which holds activity during the week, it is located around that area.

    From: Dan Perlman January 19, 2006

I think, though I'm not 100% certain, that the fair doesn't operate at this time of year, other than for a few special events. I seem to remember reading back in November that it was closing for the summer. I don't see a schedule posted on its website:


My writeup on the Mataderos Fair:

    From: DIANA METCALFE January 20, 2006

Want to know all about fairs in Buenos Aires and the rest of the country!!!  Go to this link.


    From: Richard Shpuntoff January 22, 2006

We actually ended up going yesterday.  During the summer months it is open on Saturday nights starting at 6 pm, though there are a lot less vendors and less groups performing but it was nice anyway.  I don't remember the exact streets as I just take the 126 bus and get off at this stop I recognize, BUT looking at the map I am guessing it MUST be in the Plaza de Mataderos which is a Lisandro de la Torre and Tapalque (look at map 28 on the Guia T grids).  A number of buses go there including the 55 and the 92.

(summer hours are saturday 6 pm to midnight) in search of a birthday gift for a friend, but the fair has a lot less activity (maybe a quarter of the regular vendors, less live music and there were no horses) for the next month or so

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  • Ferry to Colonia, Uruguay / Buquebus
  • From: Patricia Gilmore, March 6, 2010

BTW - as I go back and forth to MVD for friends and projects SeaCat has a very good deal to Montevideo if you purchase 10 days in advance.  It must be done over the phone.  It is 70 pesos each way ($19 USD).  It is a small fast boat to Colonia (1hr) with a bus to MVD (2.5hrs).  It leaves from the same terminal as Buquebus.  I just purchased a RT today.  The representatives speak English.


    From: Benjamin J. Schwartz, January 10, 2008

You can save yourself a little pain and worry by booking a trip at the Buquebus office on Posadas at Rodriguez Pena in Recoleta. (There's also an office on Cordoba, but it gets pretty packed during the high season.) I would personally recommend a night over. For about 300 pesos you can stay in a very nice little Posada, not be rushed, and only spend a little more than the cost of a round trip ticket. Some of the posadas will tack on an extra night for a few pesos more if you want to stay longer. Colonia has a very pleasant beach on the eastern side of the town. On the western side of town is a busier beach with palapas to hang out, drink beer, have a chivito and relax. The center of town itself is clearly worth more than a hurried pass through.

Also, I would advise you go mid-week to avoid the hordes on their way to Punta.

    From: Michael Adam Jablecki, January 10, 2008

If you don't need to go to Colonia specifically, you can try .  They bring you to a sleepy little port town and back for around 100 pesos.  It will get your passport stamped, and you can do it in a day.  Alternately, they have an overnight package for a nearby hotel (there are two, one, which is a bit further, is a bit nicer, but I like the less expensive one better myself)

They leave out of Tigre, but offer a free bus to get you there.  It leaves from a couple spots in Capital.  They have offices on Florida 520 Piso 1 no.113.

I've used this company 3 or 4 times now and have always been satisfied.


    From: Peter J. Macay, March 9, 2010

Buquebus is one of the biggest ferry companies with service to Colonia, MonteVideo and Punta del Esta (during summer season).


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  • Financial Planning for Expats
  • From the BANewComers list: markkarmon March 30,2005

I just met with a gentleman from a European financial firm that specializes in ex-pat financial planning.  We spoke briefly about his firms services and my personal situation and found it very helpful.

The webpage is and his contact info is, Chris Emme, 4822-8759,


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  • Florianapolis, Brazil
  • From: ciscodanconia, September 03, 2006

My wife and I were in Florianapolis in January. It was awesome. I don't know about the weather this time of year though.  Some things to keep in mind: Since Bush made it tougher for Brazilians to enter the States, Brazil  has replied by making it tougher for Americans to enter Brazil.  Inquire about Visa requisites before you go. Brazil roads are nicer than Argentina's in some ways, but the signs  can be confusing. Bring a map if you travel by road. (It's a two/three  day roadtrip, and fun! if you like driving.) Watch your speed in Brazil. They ticket speeders on the highway, and  you'll have to pay any tickets before you cross the border back into  Argentina. On the way back, if you want to take it easy, stop by in Entre Ríos in  one of the Thermal Waters places. In Florianopolis you can stay in a hotel (we stayed in Costa del Sol),  but there's also plenty of houses for rent per week. Look for signs  that say "alúga-se casa" If you want a longer trip, either on the way there or on the way back,  go up to Misiones and see the Iguazú waterfalls. It'll knock your  socks off.

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  • Flowers / Delivered / Florist
  • From: Jvanka, April 22, 2006

You can order the same day, of course give them at least 3 hrs after your order is place for delivery.  I use them to order from abroad to be delivery in Buenos Aires since they take credit cards online.


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  • Free calling via the Internet between Argentina and USA
  • From: Juan Pablo Ayerza, April 17, 2006

Has anyone heard about VoIP Stunt? ( )


I use Skype but somone told me that this is better

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Free calling via the Internet between Argentina and USA

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - and other resources for information
      • There is a Buenos Aires Craig's List


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  • Food Poisoning / Organization to report restaurant food violations
  • From: Veronica Salvetti, November 28, 2008

I am local, but I watch very closely where I buy prepared food from, in over 30 years never had a problem, but your experiences sound really bad :( This is the place to report these type of situations:

Bromatología del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Ortiz de Ocampo 2517 3er. Piso. 4802-2838 / 4809-0230

    From: Ande Wanderer, November 28, 2008

Okay to ask for a health inspection of a restaurant the number is now:  0800-999-2727

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  • Furniture Store
  • From: Peter J Macay

Av Belgrano from Av Entre Rios (Callao after Rivadavia) is an area of the city with TONS of furniture stores, some good quality, others very inexpensive.

I highly recommend Santorini - We bought a 2 meter custom built leather sofa, lots of colors of leather to choose from, excellent quality, no blemishes.  NOTE: Someone visited Santorini’s on my suggestion and they said you cannot enter unless you are working with a designer or architect.  This is unfortunate as they have really wonderful stuff, so I guess they are not open to the general public.
I created a lightening bolt design and we had 8 custom dining room chairs built with 2 different colors of leather, they did an excellent job on the stitching of the pieces of leather.
We also bought 3 really unique kitchen chairs in a different color of leather and a large coffee table.  Everything was custom built from our specifications and I think a VERY good value as the quality of craftsmanship and materials was excellent on everything and there was no problems with anything with them. 
Something to watch out for.  I've heard several people say when you have custom leather furniture built (or even clothes), you have to be really careful and specify that they won't use blemished pieces of leather.  I've heard several stories of the couch or chair showing and looking like they used the part of the cow that got hit by a truck.  There were no blemishes on any of our pieces from Santorini's, the leather was perfect.


    From: alexandratsalas, August 31, 2006

Last but not least, we highly recommend a furniture store called KOOM in Palermo Soho on Nicaragua (between Thames & Borges). The shop's sole propriertor is a man named Andres. We bought many pieces from Andres and in some cases, had him build things from scratch.   What's really great about KOOM, is that Andres works with all the furniture builders in BA -- and if you see a chair that you like in another store--you can go to him and he will invariably be able to sell you the exact same piece but for less money. He has many catalogs and even if you don't see the piece in his store, he can get anything in BA. Best of all, he gets the stuff made quicker than any of the other stores we've dealt with. Andres is a very reliable man who takes great pride in his work. He also speaks basic Englush   Andres' email is   and his store number is   4833-4099 

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