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  • Gauchito Gil, the local saint of the poor
  • From: dana depp, January 08, 2008  From Today's BBC's Marketplace: Poor in Argentina pay homage to saint In times of economic hardship, more Argentinians are worshipping Gauchito Gil, the local saint of the poor. Rachel Hopkin explores the legend of the former soldier who robbed from the rich to give to the poor.Doug Krizner: Today in Argentina, there'll be celebrations for a folk hero and a miracle worker. It's the anniversary of the death of Gauchito Gil. As the story goes, Gauchito Gil was a thief, put to death for his crimes. He may not have actually existed, but as Rachel Hopkin reports, he's the unofficial saint of the poor.

Rachel Hopkin: At a shrine by the roadside in a rundown neighborhood outside of Buenos Aires, a woman lights a red candle in front of an altar. Red scarves hang from the ceiling, and portraits of a dark, handsome man line the walls.He's Gauchito Gil, and Valeria Perasso made a documentary about him last year.Valeria Perasso: Gauchito Gil was a kind of local Robin Hood. He deserted the army back in the mid-19th century, went to live in the middle of the fields in Corrientes, and there he started stealing the property of the rich and distributing whatever he could get amongst the poor.Eventually, he was caught. Just as an officer was about to kill him, Gauchito Gil predicted that the officer's son would soon become very ill, and if the officer prayed to him, the Gauchito would save the boy.Later, as a way to show his gratitude, the officer went back to the place where the Gauchito died, and built the first shrine.Perasso: That's exactly what happened, according to the legends.In reality, there's no proof Gauchito Gil ever existed. Yet in Argentina, he's venerated posthumously as a miracle worker.Photographer Sebastian Hacher compiled a book about him:Sebastian Hacher: First, because he was poor, he was somebody helping to the poor, and because he was a survivor.When Argentina's economy crashed six years ago, the number of Argentines living in poverty almost doubled. At the same time, there was a notable increase in the number of worshippers of Gauchito Gil.Valeria Perasso:Perasso: There is a direct link between the economic explosion that happened in 2001 and the lack of certainty, job losses and all sorts of social issues that make people turn to alternatives for their faith.Today, thousands of Argentines will go to his main shrine to honor the patron saint of the poor. Sebastian Hacher will be among them.Hacher: Everybody go to eat asado, drink wine, and dance chamame. It's like a really, really huge party.In Pacheco, Argentina, I'm Rachel Hopkin for Marketplace.

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  • Gay Stuff - Hotels - Bed and Breakfast


Calden - Guest House Boutique


Gay Bed and Breakfast / “Lugar Gay”

    From: carmichaelandrewsmithlow, Gays Away in Buenos Aires MSN group (no longer active) February 14, 2007

i can heartily recommend friendly apartments, gay owned and operated apartment placement company -    the concord callao is centrally located in recoleta, has a lovely pool and gym, daily maid service and continental breakfast, for which, in high season, i am paying $360 per week

    From: kenn12688, Gays Away in Buenos Aires MSN group (no longer active)  February 14, 2007

I would heartily recommend the Lugar Gay in San Telmo.... it is very friendly and easy to meet people there (the clothing-optional rooftop deck doesn't hurt to meet people either).  Lots of fun and in a great location for shopping and sight-seeing! 

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  • Gay Stuff - Resources

From Pete: Dance / Disco clubs don’t even OPEN till 1 or 1:30 am, and usually don’t fill up till 3 am.  I have no idea when these people sleep.  Some clubs have early evenings starting at 8 pm or 10 pm on Sunday nights only. You might inquire at a club you may want to visit if they have an early opening on Sunday evenings if this is a more reasonable time for you.  Note: There is a bar called “Flux” that two very sweet guys opened on M.T. Alvear 981, right near Nueve de Julio that opens early every day of the week, 7 or 8pm I think.

The best thing we found was to buy a local gay magazine when you get here, one is called "Imperio" which you can get at most kiosks (kiosks / newspaper stands are everywhere but not all of them carry they gay magazines, if one doesn’t have them, just ask at the next one you see) another is called "MaGAYzine” and also “NX”.  "Imperio" has a nice list of gay discos, pubs, restaurants.  There is also a pocket sized "gay" guide (guía is the Spanish word for a guide, this is kind of like a small 20 page brochure) at the kiosks (news stands) which lists places, it's only 3 pesos and worth it!

One of the “gay” areas of the city (some say THE gayest) is near Avenue Pueyrredon and Santa Fe.  This is in the Recoleta neighborhood which is one of the safest, richest, nicest areas of the city.  The area along Avenue Santa Fe between Pueyrredon and Callao is very popular with gays in restaurants and side walk cafés, especially as the night progresses.  The street hustlers here are called “Taxi Boys” which I thought was kind of funny.  There is a nice café right on the corner of Avenue Pueyrredon and Santa Fe that has tables out on the sidewalk with hedge bushes between the tables and the street.  At night this is a VERY gay café and if you sit there with your friend on Friday or Saturday night having a coffee around midnight, a drag queen is sure to approach you with a brochure on their local gay drag show later that evening.  These are in VERY small clubs, but they are VERY fun.

Please note:  A lot of this information has not been checked out or verified by me, I have just copied it down from other information I have received on the internet.  It is just meant as a starter on searching for info.  The information and links are in no particular order.

Gay Map Listing Restaurants, discos, etc (click here to view)

    Información Turística Gay Argentina - Tourist Information




    gmaps-thumb “Gay Maps of the World” / Tours / Tourism /

cha Comunidad Homosexual Argentina - Community services

nexo “Nexo” - Community services

ronda The Ronda, Gay & Gay Friendly Pocket Guide of Buenos Aires

sentidog-logo Website with lots of links

Same Sex Marriage is now legal in Argentina! - (Click here) to see the full text

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  • Gay Stuff - Tango / Milongas


They have a gay milonga every Wednesday night at 23:00, but the website says 22:00, so I don't know which is correct. Ricky told me 23:00. The website is   Milonga’s are where real people dance tango, it’s not a show, although most milongas you can go just to people watch and enjoy a dancing environment.

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  • Gay Stuff - Tours
  • From: Peter J. Macay, December 28, 2007


Definitely, Buenos Aires is a city to discover by walking. The only thing that you need is a comfortable pair of shoes and a good guide.

My name is Fabian and you can enjoy Buenos Aires with me!

My tours are designed only for one or two persons. The reason is that way you can enjoy the city better and with another perspective, with a personal touch, visiting the tourist places and also knowing the real and authentic Buenos Aires.


Depending on your interests, you can decide where you would like to visit or I can make a plan for you.  Public transportation in BA is very good and we can jump to some places quickly by using public buses, subway or trains.  It is very fun and exciting.

The walking tours start at 10 am and finish at 6 pm. The price of the tour doesn’t include tickets, transportation or lunch.

Contact: Fabian Fuentes
Cell Phone: 15-5995-8531
Home: 4372-4578









    From: Peter J. Macay, December 15, 2006

There is a place in tigre called Favela, Tigre is a coastal delta city about 50 minutes north of Bs.As. by train


 “The most complete Buenos Aires Gay Travel Guide” /

Web Site:  
Phone:                (+54-11)  48 05 14 01     or      (+54-11) 41 84 82 90
Fax:                     (+54-11)  49 53 82 85
E-Mail:           (alternative:

Please remember that BueGay  Argentina  is a proud member of IGLTA (International Gay Lesbian Travel Association).

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  • Gift Deliveries
  • From: holtjj, April 4, 2010

I used this service (see link below) recently to send a gift in BA and was very pleased with it; thought it might be useful to someone else on here.  I believe they can do custom requests as well as the packages they list on their site.


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  • Groceries Online
  • From: Sugar & Spice, 4/13/2007

The only thing I have bought on-line has been groceries. Le-Shop is a European multinational and is a pure virtual grocery store. This means that you know online, at the moment that you are making your order if the products are in stock or not. I have been very happy with their service.

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  • Guarantor / Co-Signer for renting an apartment
  • From: Veronica Salvetti, May 1, 2007

The rental prices for tourists ( or people living here illegally with no verifiable income, current visas, etc ) are pretty expensive. You must however consider that these units are furnished and equipped. I have personally seen the poor condition a lot of tourists leave these properties in ( weird things, like a cracked bidet, a fridge full of roaches, stolen shelves, broken beds, burnt matresses, etc ) The owner has no security since there is no garantia, or company to claim for damages. If you consider that an argentine citizen has to present the following ( in order to be able to rent a place ) you will realise that these rentals are pricey for a reason. - One ( in some cases two ) garantias from direct relatives in Capital Federal - Proof of income - Credit report - 1 month rent in advance, 1 month security deposit ( in some cases 2 months ), 2 months ( or 5% ) comission if renting through a real estate company. And this is for an unfurnished apartment. If you are staying here for the long term, I suggest you look for rentals in ¨normal¨ neighbourhoods, where actual people live, not just tourists ( check Villa del Parque, Almagro, Villa Urquiza, Colegiales, Congreso, etc.) Discuss the garantia issue offering payment in advance and offer to sign an eviction contract ( this makes the owner feel safer ) Give references: both personal and professional, show bank statements if you cannot prove your income... Just my two cents Vero

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  • Guide to Buenos Aires - A really great document from the Buenos Aires Tourist Board


Click on above image to download a copy of this really great guide on Buenos Aires, this is from the BA tourism board and has TONS of great info on places to go, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Originally found on

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  • Guitar Lessons
  • From:  Jacqueline Kostick, Aug 5, 2006

Cecilia (Cecy) Di Paolo is a talented guitar player/professor, who is fluent in English and Spanish.  I have been taking guitar lessons from her for almost a year and it has been great.

She can be reached by email at  or at 15-5469-5005

    From:  Ximena Mendez, Aug 7, 2006

I can recommend two wonderful guitar teachers:
Manuel: 4854-2423
Daniel: 4864-0293
In both cases, you should tell them that Rafael Mendez gave you their names.

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  • Guitar Player / Professor
  • From: Jacqueline Kostick, August 05, 2006

Cecilia (Cecy) Di Paolo is a talented guitar player/professor, who is fluent in English and Spanish.  I have been taking guitar lessons from her for almost a year and it has been great.

She can be reached by email at  or at 15-5469-5005

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  • Gun Range - Target Shooting

Re:  I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there are gun ranges in Buenos Aires for target practice with pistols.

    From: claudio, March 19, 2010

There are some private shooting clubs in BA David. Where are you living?

I know 2 in Belgrano and 1 in San Telmo, and for a few years i was member od the San Telmo one.   This is the website for the catering service, but has the address and phone number.

Considering secutiry reasons they may ask you to pay the monthly membership fee in order to let you use the club, and for sure they rent pistols and all the stuff.  Regards,  Claudio.

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  • Gyms / Gymnasiums

    From: Sean, November 24, 2008

Don’t forget Curves. I don’t know about pricing.

    From: Peter J. Macay, November 22, 2008

Megatlon is a chain with locations around the city which is good if you want to work out with friends around the city or near your work.  The branch on Rodriguez Peña and Santa Fe in Recoleta is "very" gay friendly and they advertise in the local gay magazines. They have daily, weekly, monthly rates. I've been going for years.

The one on Arenales in Recoleta is clean, but the ceilings are low, I feel like I'm working out in my living room, they have air conditioning which is good in the summer, but I think they turn it up too high and it's too cold for me. They also have the equipment really packed in tight because the space is smaller. They do have large aerobic rooms.

With any gym you are considering just ask to use the premises to try it out, almost all gyms will give you a free day, one time they gave a visiting friend a 5 day pass for free to check out the place. Arenales is considered a "platinum" location, or whatever they call their most "elite" gym, so it will be more then Rodriguez Peña even though they are both Megatlons.

There is a megatlon in Congreso which is small but they have AC. It's one of the older clubs like the branch on Rodriguez Peña and Santa Fe so it's the cheapest of the Megatlon memberships. They also have a place for suntanning on the roof and a dry sauna in the locker room. It's on Pasco near Rividavia. They also have a nice cafeteria in that one that serves an excellent lunch. The good thing at Pasco is you can barely tell the AC is on, just enough to take the humidity out of the air.

Prices continue to go up, as of November 2008 they charged my credit card $44 USA for 1 month's membership.  I asked to pay a year in advance, which I've been doing since I've been going there to get a discount, and as of January 1, 2009 it will be $1,740 pesos for one year's membership, or 145 pesos a month.  That's a lot, but at least the increase wasn't so bad from last year when it was $1,550.

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