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The Argentine Crisis:
Interesting Facts

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Does the Argentine crisis point up a flaw common to all advanced capitalist democracies, or are that country's economic troubles strictly home-grown? In this week's briefing Pultizer-prize winning author Daniel Yergin considers the question. As you'll see in our photo essay Argentines do look a lot like North Americans. But our timeline reveals historical paths as distinctive as cowboys and gauchos. To compare the United States and Argentina across several statistical categories, see this week's info-graphic.

Fast Facts

Aug. 1998  Argentina's worst recession in decade; unemployment hits 15 percent.
Dec. 2001  Default on $155 billion of debt -- world's largest. Pres. de la Rua resigns.
Jan.2002  Peronist Eduardo Duhalde becomes interim president. Peso decoupled from dollar.
April 2002  Banking and currency operations stop.
June 2002  Police kill two in anti-IMF/govt. demonstration.
July2002  Early elections called for March 2003.

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